We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

Dear Michael, Right from the very first conversation we had, you were very calm, kind and professional and assured me that everything would be handled well and all according to our needs and wishes. Even though we were somewhat familiar with the routine of planning a funeral, it is never an easy task no matter what the circumstances. We would also like to note that when we met with your director, you were handling the funeral of a young person who had died tragically and you were quite busy. Nonetheless, you were very thoughtful, kind, thorough, and professional with us, and took into consideration our needs/wishes and got all of the details (pictures, prayer cards, makeup requirements, cemetery logistics regarding burial, etc.) just right. Even little things like calling us back with information when promised, or staying in the office a little longer waiting for us to return with my aunt's picture, were all handled in a very thoughtful, kind and professional manner. So, the purpose of writing this letter is to express our sincere appreciation for and to commend your wonderful staff. They are a great team, and you are most fortunate to have such capable people in your employ. For my family and me, they helped to make a most difficult time just that much easier. Take care and again, all best wishes!

Loving Family Friends

Dear Muzyka & Son Staff, I cannot express how grateful I am for you guys. You made this entire process so much easier for my family and I. You are truly amazing people and you gave my mom the most beautiful wake and funeral she could have ever dreamed of. I will remember her and how beautiful she was in her casket. Thank you so much for making her look perfect, and for that memory. I can't get the image of her beautiful funeral and wake out of my mind. I can't believe that it is a happy memory. You guys are angels. Thank you so much for everything.

Thankful Child

Dear Michael, I want to thank you and your staff for the very professional service you have provided for our family during this very difficult time of our loss. Your kindness and thoughtfulness were very much appreciated. At this time, also, I want to thank you for your card of sympathy to us and especially for the Living Memorial of a tree planted in the National Forest in memory of my late husband. How very apropo, for he was a real gardener and always had a tree or two to which he'd give his tender care in his garden. I'm sure he is looking on this tree with a smile, as he loved trees. What a lovely way to keep his memory alive.

Grateful Family

Muzyka & Son Staff, Thank you so much for making this difficult time easier for us. Our Dad would have been so pleased to see how beautiful his final tribute was. Your follow through and attention to detail is very much appreciated.

Appreciative Family

Dear Michael, My mother and I want to thank you again for the caring way you took care of my dad's funeral. Dad told us a long time ago to be sure to call your dad when the time came. And a very special thank you to you for reading the page I wrote and the words my father left for us.

Thankful Family

Dear Muzyka & Son Funeral Home Staff, Words are not adequate to express our sincere appreciation for everything you did to make my father's visitation, funeral, and burial so beautiful, meaningful, and personal. Your conscious attention to detail resulted in such a remarkably dignified evening and day. Thank you for arranging the Mass cards, the room, taps at the graveside, flowers, the obituaries (your patience was incredible!), the airport arrangements, the church, priest, altar servers, vault, graveside services, all the details regarding Dad's clothing, makeup, the room, etc., etc., etc.. You made it all seem as it everything "just happened" -- and it all happened without forgetting a thing. You have a very special job caring for those in grief and being a reassuring and compassionate arm to lean on, yet carrying a lot of responsibility. You did a beautiful job! Please thank the girl who worked the night of the visitation as well. She was also kind, caring, and professional. You are all assets to Muzyka & Son!

Appreciative Family

Dear Michael, My family and I would like to thank you for all your thoughtfulness and kindness that you had given us in our time of sorrow. You made our mother look so beautiful and peaceful the day before she was layed to rest. We have been to many funerals in our lives, but yours gave us a feeling of being safe and warm. We're glad we chose you to take our mother to her final resting place. If our mother were here today, we know she would have been very pleased with you. We also would like to thank you for the tree that was planted in her name. She still goes on in our hearts, and now our memory of her grows forever!

Appreciative Family

Dear Michael, I wish to express to you, personally, my extreme thanks and deepest gratitude for your sensitive understanding of me and my position with regard to the funeral services of my late husband. The hour of private time you afforded me with him for my final good-byes was so precious to me, and such a help in my acceptance and grieving. Your special care with, and words of assurance to me about my personal bouquet being always with my beloved husband was so heartfully appreciated -- and I know it was not easy for you at times, so thank you even more. Also, your continued, yet of necessity guarded, awareness of my presence at the wake and funeral -- my position in the motorcade, making sure I had a rose to place on the casket at the cemetery -- all meant so very much to me. For all of these beautiful gifts of human kindness and compassion, I am eternally grateful.

Gracious Widow

Dear Michael and Staff, I recently had my mother waked at your funeral home and I just want to tell you how very pleased we were at the way everything was handled. You became my right arm at that time and I just want to thank you very much. When we found out my mother wasn't going to be with us much longer, we pre-arranged everything with you. Things I never thought of doing that had to be done, you made sure they were done. Questions, millions of questions, if you didn't know right then, you found the answers quickly. Friends and relatives all thought everything was perfect. Everything went smoothly. I was confused and scared, upset and lost, but you made everything much easier. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Sincere Child

On behalf of our late mother, we want to thank you for your concern and help to our family at this time. We put our confidence in you and your staff and have been pleased at how well everything was handled with a personal comfort yet with such professionalism. The facilities along with those downstairs have been helpful and a comfort. Thank you again for your services.

Pleased Family

Dear Mike, Please accept this long overdue thank you! for your help with the funeral arrangements for my father. You and your team did a wonderful job and helped us through a very difficult time. From our initial Muzyka visit, to the burial back in Streator, IL, to the additional boxes of sympathy acknowledgements. You and your staff were warm, cordial, and ever professional. My Dad was a good man, and you took care of him -- and us -- until the end. Thank you.

Grateful Child

Dear Muzyka & Son, We deeply appreciate all the help you have given us during our difficult times of our loss of our father. Thank you also for the Living Memorial that you requested on behalf of my father.

Pleased Family